By Kian Andersen a.k.a. neksus
Please remember development of Azrael is stopped!




Config Part

Config Part in the Globals Area where you can
  1. Choose rating character
  2. All Lowercase or First letter Uppercase in ext column (lowercase by default)
  3. Show ReplyGain info in title column (on by default)
  4. Show album information on singletracks (off by default)
  5. Use the Green Check and Red X in ReplayGain Column (off by default)
  6. Switch album and artist position (artist first by default)
  7. Switch on/off showing album_replaygain info (off by default)
  8. Switch on/off $caps2() on the title column (off by default)
  9. Singletrack if no album tag (off by default)
  10. Various if album artist present (off by default)
  11. Set Single file indicator of your choice
  12. Singletrack if no replaygain_album info (off by default)
  13. Set Various Artist indicator of your choice
  14. Set Various if directoryname is only album (off by default)
  15. Align Artist (Singletracks) (Right by default)
  16. ReplayGain colors
  17. Choose a color scheme (see further down about choices) (default is what I use when exporting)

Config Part in the Statusbar where you can
  1. Show Codec info?
  2. Show Bitrate?
  3. Show Extrainfo?
  4. Show ReplyGain info?
  5. Use DD/MM-YEAR TIME format

Different Color schemes

Choose from this selection (under Globals)

em Meditation
WindowsBlinds skin by empty man
b0se Classic Blue
WindowsBlinds skin by Snidely Whiplash
b0se Classic Green
WindowsBlinds skin by Snidely Whiplash
Dark Red
Not inspired by a skin
Luna (Windows XP Blue Luna)
Windows XP Default Theme
b0se OpusOS Blue
WindowsBlinds skin by Snidely Whiplash
WindowsBlinds skin by essorant
WindowBlinds Skin by kmkkid
WindowsBlinds skin by essorant
ReButz2 Dusk
WindowsBlinds skin by brewman
Dark Purple
Not inspired by a skin
Made by acedriver
WindowBlinds skin by Pixtudio
LaST (Cobalt)
WindowBlinds skin by mormegil
Prominence Pro
Msstyle skin by b0se
Luna Element
WindowBlinds skin by SkinStudio (Adam)
WindowsBlinds skin by mormegil
Limited WindowsBlinds skin by essorant
WindowBlinds skin by MikeB314
Fear Factory
WindowsBlinds skin by PixelPirate
Thunder Storm
WindowsBlinds skin by Pixtudio
WindowsBlinds skin by essorant
WindowsBlinds skin by Pixelpirate
Fly OS
WindowsBlinds skin by Pixtudio
WindowsBlinds skin by MikeB314
Fresco (White)
WindowsBlinds skin by KoL
Fresco (Black)
WindowsBlinds skin by KoL
WindowsBlinds skin by MikeB314
WindowsBlinds skin by danilloOc
WindowsBlinds skin by Pixtudio

Release History Azrael

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